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Full Version: Wanting a game or 2 in Jan... 40k
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Heya guys, new to the forum. just got my approval so im happy i can finally try and get some more games going.

anyway, im wanting to come in your first meeting back... i believe its goin to be the second week of jan? plz correct me if im wrong.. anyway, im hoping for a game or 2 in jan.. as the title says...

i have been collecting 40k for a few years now, but i only know 1 person that really plays (eldar player) and we hardly get too since he's down on the southside. I have a few armys, Imperial guard. Deamon hunters (thou dont have the new codex to look thru) and my Necrons.. Love these guys and i try to use them whenever i can. I will be bringing my Necrons along. armata_PDT_01.gif

Anyway, im just giving you guys the heads up. If any1 is up for it, plz throw up your points that you want to play with and ill be happy to make an army to suit.

Plz be aware thou, since i dont really get to play all that often, im not very good with working everythin out yet. sad.gif

thank you all in advance..

Yea man same boat as you, quite a few people played 40k at the November meet so no need to worry.

I'm overseas atm and I have some important stuff I need to take care of within the first month if not 2 months of 2012, so no 40k for me.
how many points do ppl usually play with at the BPA?? just wanting to get an army ready... got a good 2000 point 1, but that might be 2 much..

thou blood, ur overseas, so u dont need to really worry, try an enjoy ur time overseas. but im sure they will be still here when u return...
Typically games are at whatever you'd like, I try and play at 1750 for "tourney practice", but Kill Teams/Combat Patrols are occasionally played too, generally people are open to whatever level you'd like but 2000 is probably a level you should organise beforehand.

Anyways, I'll give you a game man. Have Space Wolves and Imperial Guard, both in a very mech heavy manner because I love tanks.
cool. good to know i have a game ready.. and yeah. just got the 2000 one ready for a game later tonight. be my first game with the new codex so its kinda a practice... thou i can get a 1750 ready. thats easy. hopefully ill have my new peice up and running before then..

and yeah, i know what u mean. i love my tank army with my guards. thou they dont win battles much... my necs on the other hand, are fierce competitors so im hoping i can stand up to a tourny player (u will be my first) cause i only get to vs my mate who only has eldar.
so is the meet today? just thought i should make sure...
sry guys... i was really looking forward to this. but i wont be coming.. somethin has come up at last second.. ill try and make the next one.. cheers
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