Hi Everyone,
Its on again for the young, youthful and any Dads who would like to come along this Fathers Day (Sunday) at the Bray Park Community Church Hall, 10 Young's Crossing Road, Bray Park.

Spag Bol will be cooked up by yours truly (hopefully not for the last time) , scenery for the tables will be provided by the club (thanks to Jason) and yes, Brian will be collecting your hard earned mullah to pay for it all at the door.

Entrance is still (a low low) $6 per person or $15 per family.

Bring your Warhammer, Warhammer 40K or Lord of The Rings Army, Codex, 5th or 6th edition Rules, measuring implements and your dice. Even bring your paintbrush and paints, or just bring along your Dad, your Mom, Aunt, Uncle or older siblings for a bit of a look.

For committee members and helpers the meeting starts an hour earlier, so if you do arrive early, you may be roped in to setting up tables, matches or telling just telling your war stories or showing off a newly painted prize from the last competition we ran last Saturday.

I always look forward to seeing you all, especially if you have brought along your Dads or Mums, Uncles, Aunts either at the front desk or over the tables. Also make sure you get to meet all the committee members too, we are usually the ones with the black T-Shirts who call out 'foods on!'. say a heartfelt prayer and are generally helpful when codex rules are to be interpreted (and at other times too :-).

Also don't forget to tell your friends - our contact details are:

always in White Dwarf Magazine under the clubs list . If you are like me and find it hard to read the 6pt font with your glasses - 0421 283 044 or my number is 0411321227 preferably after business hours
on Facebook under Bray Park Alliance (thanks to Micheal).

or simply message us at <brayparkalliance@gmail.com>

On behalf of the BPA Committee

PS. Also make a note of the remaining dates in your 2012 calendar

Sunday 7th October
Sunday 4th November