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Full Version: SA40k Masters 2012 Details!
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SA Masters is on the 25th of November this year.

- Mechanicon is the last qualifying event, final rankings will be calculated shortly after
- The Invites will be the returning Master + 9 other players based on rankings
- After Mechanicon, the top 10 played Codexes for the year will also be decided, this will decide which 10 Codexes will be used
- The tournament will be 1500 points

Event details:
- After Mechanicon, we will be trying to confirm the 10 players attendance within the week following or sooner.
- After we have 10 confirmed players, there will be a ballot, where each player is randomly allocated one of the Codexes. That player then must write a 1500 point list for this Codex. There will be a week given to do this, it is understood armies may need to be borrowed, but through our network of players I am sure this can be arranged.
- Hopefully around the 14th of Nobember, the entire group of players can then meet for a few hours, and go through the army lists as a group. This will allow everyone to have inputs on wether lists are strong/balanced enough that everyone would be happy to draw the list out of the hat on the day.

On the day of the event, for the format will change slightly this year.
- There will be 3 rounds
- Each player will draw a different army to use each round
- There is 3 hours allocated to each round

Winner of the SA Masters will generate an invitation to the Aus Masters event held in Canberra on the 8th and 9th of December. If 1st overall is not able to attend, default invite goes to 2nd overall only.

Stay tuned to this post for more details!
More info:

Army construction details:
- 1500 points
- No Allies
- Fortifications allowed

Now the Allies subject is touchy, but, what we do with this event every year is create a diverse range of armies and lists for the top ranked players to battle it out with, representing each of the main Codexes used throughout the year. Allies may, or may not interfere with that. Having simmilar units accross seperate armies will take some of the flavour away from things for this particular event so it has been decided to rule them out. We are already making restictions for which Codexes are going to be used, so it makes sense to stick to that completely.
Pumped for this! Last chance for 2012 to tick some name off my list!
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