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Full Version: RCATT feedback, Thanks to all that attended!
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Hi All

Thank you to everyone that attended RCATT 2013. I hope you all enjoyed the event and we look forward to seeing you all at RCATT 2014! The results have been posted up to RHQ. Please accept the thanks from Comics Plus and Rapid Confrontation for helping us pack down the tables and for your support in keeping gaming alive on the Gold Coast.

The Results are below:

1 SHARPE, Ben Necrons
2 MURPHY, Justin Chaos Space Marines
3 THOMSON, Courtney Eldar
4 KERR, Dave Tau
5 LATHOURAS, Erik Daemons
6 COMBES, Gareth Tau
7 GOJKOVIC, Simon Tyranids
8 LARA, Eddi Tau
9 MACMICHAEL, Eddi Eldar
10 WALDUCK, Hayden Chaos Space Marines
11 GRAHAM, Wes Eldar
12 FRANZE, Rod Tau
13 AGIUS, Tim Daemons
14 STANDING, Nick Dark Angels- Ravenwing
15 MACMICHAEL, Tony Daemons
16 NAVIE, Adrian Blood Angels
17 AVIS, Ben Eldar
18 DEN OTTER, Gary Eldar
19 SIMON, Indigo "DT" Tau
20 FENNELL, Will Dark Angels- Deathwing
21 RUSHTON, Michael "Yeti" Space Wolves Allied Grey Knights
22 RHODAN, Chris Space Wolves Allied Tau
23 ROBERTS, Michael Imperial Guard
24 NASH, Sam Dark Angels- Deathwing
25 BUTLER, Tyler "Taco" Blood Angels Allied Tau
26 WELCH, Luke Necrons
27 PARISI, Damien Space Marines- Imperial Fists
28 HIRST, Scott Imperial Guard
29 PACE, Alex Space Marines- Salamanders
30 NORDBERG, Adam Dark Angels
How many rounds?
QUOTE(Chevynova @ Aug 4 2013, 11:58 AM) *

How many rounds?

4 rounds at 1850pts
Hey now that I'm home and have slept I'll give some feedback.

The terrain on the tables was pretty good, with the exception of 1 or 2 that were pretty flat. This gave me an advantage playing tau as I could just sit back and roll dice.

You ran the tourney well and were open and friendly to approach about rules disputes and such.

As someone who made a 10 hour trip to come to the event, I thought the event went for too long. 13 hours to play 4 games was a long day and by the end I was pretty drained. It just made us who had to travel 3 really long days.
Maybe next time less breaks, as it averaged to 45mins between each game.

The prize support was great from what I saw. Your parents chipping in for sportsman was awesome. And them handing out home made bakery treats kept everyone's munchies satisfied.

I played against 3 new opponents which is always awesome and not having to play against the other guys I travel down with is always a plus.

Cheers to Gaz as well for letting us crash with him.
The battle reports for Rapid Confrontation Army Testing Tournament are up!

Let me know if you enjoy them!

good vids simon.

As for RCATT Jonesy, its was a fun day had 4 really fun games. Long day (cant imagine how the 5 game one was...) but did enjoy the fact it was only one day.
Missions were fine, I would keep them as close to rulebook as possible to ensure that you are getting more of the established tourney going (from bris and further away).
Thanks Jonesy
Big thanks to Gaz for letting us crash at his pad... (gaz u may want to change the sheets on your bed) and for taking us to that surf club that was great.

now.. rapid con....

i have heard so much about this event, it got me very keen, i was not let down... thanks to Jonesy for running a smooth event, i played against 3 new players which is good. the baked treats were great! 10 out of 10 (im a baker/Pastry Chef) trophy's looked really nice and the prize support was good! having a pub down the road was also handy...

now you may not have noticed, but i am a rather portly fellow... standing for 13 hours was killer.... thats my only gripe.
Good tournament, thanks for the good prize support too. (Courtney)

Only downer was I got to play against a new opponent Dave in the first round, but rounds two and three were against the MacMichaels who I play all the time. Would have been cool to get some games against the out of towners in, I think one of the only things tournament players can all agree on is it's fun to fight new and different opponents/armies where possible, at least in the first 2-3 rounds.

Oh I don't think anyone really liked the Ignores cover rule being played that way either.
Oh I don't think anyone really liked the Ignores cover rule being played that way either.

Nope, because it is wrong.
QUOTE(gazdar @ Aug 8 2013, 02:52 PM) *
Nope, because it is wrong.

EDIT: Oh yea good tournament btw, my only gripe was not really enough space for seats/to sit down.
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