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Full Version: Lightspeed, Episode 3: It's a trap!
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Dust Warrior
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Saturday May 10th
1pm to 7pm

The format will remain as Rebels versus Imperials. Early registrations and payments will receive the force they want, late comers may be asked to pick one specific side to balance things out. The tournament will be a mix of dogfights and custom missions.

The full players pack will be out later but the missions are:

Round 1) A 2 versus 2 battle. Random pairings. Both fleets come on in waves. The mission plays to a normal victory condition winner. 90 minutes.
Round 2) A normal dog-fight round, Imperials versus Rebels. 75 minutes.
Round 3) Quick kill, you only have to kill two selected ships from your opponent to win. 60 minutes.
Round 4) A normal dog-fight round, Imperials versus Rebels. 75 minutes.

  1. Scott Quinnell (Imperial)
  2. Gary Davies (Rebel)
  3. Jake Kroker (Imperial)
  4. Simon O'Brien (Imperial)
  5. Aidan O'Brien (Rebel)
  6. Michael Buckley (Rebel)
  7. William Scott (Imperial)
  8. Andrew Nankivell (Rebel)
  9. Daniel Lawrence (Rebel)
  10. Nathan Flentjar
  11. Tim Finn
  12. Robert Deijnum
  13. Stuart Johnson (unspecified)
Names in bold have paid are are locked in for their faction of choice.

The players pack is available from the Group North tournaments page.
Couldn't get it for May 4th? wink.gif (Glad you didn't as I can't make May 4th)

Count me in - Imperials leading the way!
Dust Warrior
QUOTE(DarkHorse @ Feb 6 2014, 04:04 PM) *

Couldn't get it for May 4th? wink.gif (Glad you didn't as I can't make May 4th)

I was so super tempted to do it on that day but decided to stick with the time slot it's run for the last couple of times.
Dust Warrior
Some of the prizes for Lightspeed - as always the winner gets the movement set. Aetherworks have donated some extra token sets for prizes; if you are after a local distributor of tokens I recommend going to their site. And of course last place has the honour of the Jar Jar Binks award.

IPB Image

Further sponsorship details to be announced later.
Will miss out on this one, will be away :-(
Dust Warrior
The players pack is now available from the Group North tournaments page.

Last competition we had 16 entries - I'm hoping to make it at least 20 this time round. To prepare for this number of entries I've added an incentive to register early; entries submitted a week before the competition will enter in a draw for a random prize before the competition starts. Getting stuff just for turning up! Totally worth it.

Spread the news and recruit your friends or any newly interested players.
Dust Warrior
We're getting new names and eager players but that isn't an excuse for other players to not come a defend the right of the Empire to rule the galaxy, or to help the Rebel upstarts topple the order this time. Spread the word and don't forget to register here, through the Group North facebook page or direct by email to

Imperial Aces are allowed in the competition, and while we probably won't see the Rebel Aces by then if the Corvette comes out the Rebel X-Wing pilots in that box will be allowed too.
Lock me in for the Emperor.
Dust Warrior
Remember that entries that are paid for by May the 2nd are eligible for the early bird prize. Entries will be accepted right up to the competition start time, but those that lock in earlier have a better chance of running the faction they want.
I am in with Imperial. Can my son enter (he'll play rebels)?
Dust Warrior
QUOTE(Behemoth @ Apr 4 2014, 03:22 PM) *

I am in with Imperial. Can my son enter (he'll play rebels)?

Everyone who can play is welcome!

(Also those who want to learn are able to come along too - the first round is set up that you are likely to be paired up with an experienced player though you'll still have to find a fleet and have an idea of the freely downloadable rules before you turn up).
Dust Warrior
How are we going out there in Lightspeed land? I hope people are spreading the word to their fellow club/store players. X-Wing has a great tournament play system and is balanced so that new players with a few ships can still enjoy playing against people with lots of games under their belt.
Paid - $20

FYI - son's name is Aidan
Dust Warrior
QUOTE(Behemoth @ Apr 15 2014, 09:09 PM) *

FYI - son's name is Aidan

I didn't know which one you were bringing.

We now have 3-2 Imperial versus Rebel players. Given that the last Hobby Matrix event was all Rebels I'm expecting to see a few more of them turn up.

I'm aiming for at least 16 players for this event. 11 is good but I know everyone can encourage their friends and spread the word at their local gaming haunts to see if we can get more in.
Dust Warrior
The new tournament rules have been released by FFG. These rules are used for rounds 2 and 4 of the competition as well as the basis for round 1. In most cases the changes won't have an effect on play.

The one change that will be adopted is that a major win is made if you cause 12 or more points of damage to your opponents fleet than you take in yours. In round 1 this is 24 points. Round 3 uses a custom win condition.

Any officially released non-Epic ships will be allowed. This will include the Rebel Aces and the fighters in the Rebel Transport if we are lucky enough to have them released by then.

There is also an updated FAQ released.
How hard is it to learn xwing? Read that it's a very balanced and "quick " game and that makes me interested in it.
Dust Warrior
QUOTE(4ndi @ Apr 17 2014, 10:16 PM) *

How hard is it to learn xwing? Read that it's a very balanced and "quick " game and that makes me interested in it.

Half-way through your first game you'll have mastered all of the core mechanics. From there it is learning how to fly so your ship ends up pointing where you want (and not being pointed at by others) and the fun that comes in constructing your fleet so they work together. The rules are very clean and simple to follow. An experienced player will normally do better against a beginner but I've never seen regular curb stomping of new players (and I've lost my fair share of introduction games too).

You can find the rule book on FFG's support site and I'm sure countless "watch it played" videos on YouTube. I recommend giving the game a try.

(I also recommend giving Lightspeed a try, a quick ask around will easily find a spare fleet to play with and the first round of this tournament will see every working in pairs so you'll have an experienced eye to help you learn the finer details of the game).
Dust Warrior
Thanks to The Hobby Matrix sponsorship I can announce a $25 store gift voucher prize for the top two places and $15 for places three and four.

A $20 voucher will be raffled between all entrants who register and pay by May 2nd.

These are in addition for the movement templates for first place and the bonus token packs from Aetherworks for the winning side. And the Jar Jar Binks award.
Dust Warrior
A reminder that entries in by this Friday (2nd) are eligible for the pre-registration raffle.

Plus we may see the Rebel Transport floating around by May 10th and Porkins will be allowed to fly. This could be a good chance to test out some new and interesting builds.
Paid and ill go Rebels again smile.gif
Dust Warrior
The competition is this weekend. You can enter up to the day but the later you enter the more likely the TO is to ask you to run a specific force (if able to do so) to balance out the competition. Remember this is a Rebel versus Imperial only match up and there are two different win scenarios. This differs from your normal FFG tournament format.

If you've played X-Wing, maybe at a club or an in-store demo at The Hobby Matrix, but don't have a 100 point fleet then ask on this forum - someone may be able to spare a fleet to help a new player out. I know my fleets are available.
Dust Warrior
For those who are still in the maybe camp or planning on turning up and paying on the day the earlier you let me know what force you wish to use the easier it is for me to balance everything out. Very late comers may be asked to use a specific fleet if they have one available as I try to get everything balanced.

Can you also bring to two listings of your fleet, one to show your opponent and one for my records (I'll publish all the fleets used on this page after the event)
Dust Warrior
Final Results

Below are the final results. Congratulations to the first place Rebel and competition winner, Michael Buckley. Congratulations to the best place Imperial player Stuart McLaren. Well done to Gary Davies and Scott Quinell for filling in the remaining top 4 places. The pre-pay prize went to Andrew, who also managed to take out the Jar Jar Binks award.


Place  Name                     Fleet      Points
1st  - Michael Buckley          (Rebel)    20
2nd  - Stuart Mclaren           (Imperial) 15
3rd  - Gary Davies              (Rebel)    15
4th  - Jake Kroker/Lance Holden (Imperial) 13
5th  - Scott Quinell            (Imperial) 11
6th  - William Scott            (Imperial) 10
7th  - Simon O'Brien            (Imperial)  5
8th  - Daniel Lawrence          (Rebel)     4
9th  - Aidan O'Brien            (Rebel)     0
10th - Andrew Nankivell         (Rebel)     0

Note that wins against opponents and Strength of Schedule can adjust final ranking, and that in this competition there were no friendly fire matches. Also Jake left early so the TO stepped in to continue playing his role for the last two rounds and as such was excluded from the prize pool.

The winning fleet of the day:

Imperials - 11 victories
Rebels - 8 victories
(1 draw)

Up until the last round the Rebels and Imperials were even on the total victory count but a strong Imperial finish saw it tip in their favour.

All Imperial players received token packs from Aetherworks.

Thank you everyone for attending and congratulations to those who took places.
Dust Warrior
The fleets from the day were:

Michael Buckley (Rebels)
Chewie Blues, 100 points
Chewbacca : Push the Limit, Millenium Falcon
Blue Squadron Pilot : Fire-Control System, Ion Cannon
Blue Squadron Pilot : Fire-Control System, Ion Cannon

Aidan O'Brien (Rebel)
100 points
Outer Rim Smuggler : Shield upgrade
Gold Squadron Pilot : Ion Cannon Turrent
Gold Squadron Pilot : Ion Cannon Turrent
Gold Squadron Pilot : Ion Cannon Turrent

Andrew Nankivell (Rebel)
Turrety McTurretyness, 100 points
Lando Calrissian : Millenium Falson, Luke Skywalker, Nien Numb, Veteran Instincts
Gold Squadron Pilot : Ion Turret
Gold Squadron Pilot : Ion Turret

Gary Davies (Rebel)
Y Falcon Y, 100 points
Horton Salm : R2 Astromech
Lando Calrissian : Marksmanship, Nien Numb
"Dutch" Vander : R2-F2

Daniel Lawrence (Rebel)
100 points
Green Squadron Pilot : Cluster Missiles, Veteran Instincts, Shield Upgrade
Green Squadron Pilot : Cluster Missiles, Veteran Instincts
Green Squadron Pilot : Cluster Missiles, Veteran Instincts
Green Squadron Pilot : Cluster Missiles, Veteran Instincts

Stuart McLaren (Imperial)
100 points
Carnor Jax : Push the Limit, Stealth Device, Royal Guard, Hull Upgrade
Turr Phennir : Push the Limit, Hull Upgrade
Soontir Fel : Push the Limit, Stealth Device

William Scott (Imperial)
99 points
Carnor Jax : Determination
Kir Kanos
Royal Guard Pilot : Push the Limit
Omicron Group Pilot : Anti-Pursuit Lasers

Simon O'Brien (Imperial)
100 points
Krassis Trelix : Heavy Laser Cannon, Weapons Engineer
Dark Curse : Stealth Device
Mauler Mithel : Stealth Device, Squad Leader
Obsidian Squadron Pilot

Scott Quinell (Imperial)
113th "The Emprorers Spear", 100 points
Dark Curse
Kir Kanos
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Alpha Squadron Pilot
Alpha Squadron Pilot

Lance Holden (Imperial)
Darths One Shot, 100 points
Darth Vader : Concussion Missile, Hull Upgrade
Captain Jonus : Cluster Missile
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot

(I'm missing Jakes's list)
Jake Kroker (Imperial)
Kath & Friends 100 pts
Kath Scarlett : Rebel Captive
Mauler Mithel
Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Obsidian Squadron Pilot
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