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Full Version: Good games tourney 30th march
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Dark Assassin
QUOTE(almostsane @ Feb 22 2014, 09:43 AM) *

Hi Guys,
Our first Event for 2014 will be the 30th of March 2014.

The results for this event will be uploaded to RankingsHQ.

There will be 16 spots available for this event.

Where: Good Games Newcastle Store 768 Hunter St Newcastle.

When: Sunday the 30th of March 2014. Doors open at 9am for Rego. First Game is at 9:30am.
Not at the normal 10am!!!
How Much: $15 per player.

Armies are to be 2400 points taken from current army books, following the usual 8th edition army composition rules. Forgeworld Chaos Dwarves are allowed. New dwarves also will be allowed.

Any lists submitted that are considered hard "win at all costs" may be required to be resubmitted at the TO's discretion. Any such list that appears on the day may be subject to a comp score.

The event will be 3 games, each game being a randomly selected scenario . strict 2.75 hour limit per game. 30minute, 15 minute and 5 minute warnings will be given. When "dice down" is called, play should stop immediately and the results should be worked out at that point.

The following restrictions/modifications are in place;
-Hero Level Special Characters are allowed.
-max 12 power dice can be generated each magic phase.
-hills are infinitely high.
-forests are mysterious (roll on the 'mysterious forest" table on page 119 of the Warhammer rule book)
-all other terrain is normal/ordinary.
-Characters will get a "look out sir" against all spells that would normally remove the model (for example, dwellers, pit of shades, dread 13th etc)
- units of core, special or rare cannot exceed a total of 500points. this does not include any characters that may join the unit during the game.

Standard battle points will be used.

At the Beginning of each round the TO will Roll for a Random Scenario. These will play as described in the rule book with the exception of Blood and Glory (Game will last until the end of Turn 6, with 200 Bonus Points to the player who broke their opponent first) and Watch Tower (Game will last until the end of Turn 6, Bonus 200 points to player that holds the tower at the end of the game).

Please email army list to before Friday 6th of September 2013 . PDF, Word, Army Builder formats are acceptable. Payment to be made on the day.

When submitting your army list please included your full name in the email.

please supply own dice, measuring device, rulebook and armybook etc.

now for the juicy bit, because this is the first event of the year, and we would like to kick it off with a bang -
first prize will be $100 Cash

(instead of the usual store credit).
other prizes to be determined as per numbers on the day.

also there will be no magic the gathering run at the store, so we should have it pretty much to our selves.
prize options
Best Sports (Player's Choice)

prizes and prize support is dependent on how many people we get turn up, so the more the better!

Attending Players

Who's keen for this ?

I'm looking at going , as it's the week after inferno , only issue is that it clashs with legions :/

Jack . armata_PDT_01.gif
Sanguinius Brother Josh
yeah im going to legions
I'm all for gaming product prizes or vouchers for gaming comps - but cash prizes for mandollies tends to bring out the worst in people.

I was keen to go but sadly i cant make it due to parental duties
Dark Assassin
I hope that is not the case , otherwise it will ruin a good day :/

Hopefully a few of us can come to this , would be good getting a decent turn out .

Jack armata_PDT_01.gif
Dark Assassin
Newcastle legions has been moved forward a weekend due to a clash of venue booking , so now this weekend is free for anyone who wants to attend that was otherwise attending legions smile.gif

Jack . armata_PDT_01.gif
Dark Assassin
Is anyone interested in coming to this now that it isn't on a legions weekend?

Jack . armata_PDT_01.gif
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