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Full Version: Warzone Open LOTR/Hobbit #3 14/06/14
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40k Warzone
So, 24 players came to the last one! Looks to be even bigger this time around!

N.S.W: Warzone Open - LOTR #3 Player Pack.

Hosted by the 40k Warzone team.

14th June 2014.


Venue: Games Workshop Sydney CBD. 222 Clarence St. Sydney, NSW, Australia 2000 (located below Good Games Town Hall).

Start time: 930am.
Points: 500.
Cost: $20 GW Gift Voucher.
Contact details: 40k Warzone

Alright, so the last one went so well, we just had to book in another! Everyone is welcome to the tournament, no matter if you're a beginner! If you are arranging interstate travel, I advise that you sort out accommodation and transport as soon as you can. There are plenty of prizes on offer, including a number of door prizes drawn randomly at the end of the tournament.


9am: Doors Open.
0930-1100: Round 1.
1110-1240: Round 2.
1240-1310: Best Painted voting and Lunch.
1310-1440: Round 3.
1450- 1620: Round 4.
1640: Prize ceremony.

90 minute rounds should be plenty of time for a 500 point game. We expect players to play in a brisk fashion - time wasters will be penalised.

What you need:

1. Your 500 point force. All models MUST be WYSIWYG - Suitable conversions allowed.

2. Two copies of your army list. One for your opponent and one for yourself. FAQ's for the armies you are playing.

3. Gaming needs - dice, tape measure and a notepad to keep track of Might/Will/Fate.

4. Money for your entry - $20.


1st place.
2nd place.
3rd place.
Best Sports.
Best Painted.
Door prizes.

Note – You may only qualify for one prize. If you qualify for two, you will be awarded the higher $ value.

Score Breakdown:

70% Battle. 15% Sports. 15 % Paint.

You will be randomly matched in the first round, after that, all draws will be off battle points.

Battle scoring:

To determine who wins the game, follow the specific mission Objectives as per pages 104-109 of the rulebook. Once this is determined, consult the following:

Major Win (Double VP's) - 16 battle points.
Minor Win - 13 battle points.
Draw - 8 battle points.
Loss - 3 battle points.


Basing (4 Points)
Q1. Have the models been based, not just left bare, using appropriate material (Sand/Grass/Textured paint etc)? 1 Point.
Q2. Have all the bases been painted (Unpainted Sand does not count as desert)? 1 Point.
Q3. Do the bases have extra details, such as: rocks, skulls, brass etching, grass tufts and/or effects like lava or water (Not just sand and/or flock)? 1 point.
Q4. Are there bases Coherent throughout all of the Warbands? 1 Point.

Theme (3 points):
Q1. Is the colour scheme coherent throughout the army? 1 point.
Q2. Do the models have additional painted details such as faction symbols, Warband markings and/or free hand banners? 1 point.
Q2. Are there any themed extras like objective markers, scenery pieces, or a display board? (Must be themed to the army. Not just “Here I brought a hill” and be painted) 1 point.

Painting (8 points):
Q1. Is every model in the army painted (3 colour minimum - undercoat does not count as one)? 2 points.
If question 1 of this section is not satisfied then questions 2-7 are discounted automatically.
Q2. Have all the models in the army been washed/shaded? 2 point.
Q3. Have small details been picked out (Such as gems, glyphs, stitching etc.)? 1 point.
Q4. Are all models in the army highlighted (all parts of all the models)? 2 points.
Q5. Have extra details been painted on to the models? (E.g. Battle damage/rust/lighting effects or freehand) 1 point.

Army Composition:

500 point limit.

There is only a single restriction: you may not have MORE than 55 models.

All armies will be made using the rules found on page 100 of the rulebook under "choosing an army." All warbands must be made from the most up to date sourcebook of your particular faction. Allies are allowed.

However, all lists must be submitted by the 7th of June for checking. All lists must be sent to 40kwarzone@g

If your list is on time, you will be awarded 3 bonus points.


Theme: Lists that are comprised of a single faction will be awarded THREE bonus points prior to the start of game 1. These points will only contribute to the overall score. They will not reflect upon your battle points for the purposes of match-ups. "Single faction" is defined as a force solely drawn from individual armies. For example, an entire force comprised only of units from Minas Tirith or Mirkwood etc. You MUST have sent in your list by the deadline to receive these points.


You MUST nominate your leader upon your army list. You will use the same Leader the entire tournament.


Terrain Bonus:
Any player who brings a piece of terrain suitable to The Hobbit will be awarded a single bonus point! This terrain will be preset by tournament organizers so please write your name on it.

Battle Missions:

All missions will be played as per The Hobbit Rulebook. Please read pages 104- 109 to familiarise yourself with the missions. Ignore the "Layout" section of the mission rules. All games will be played on a 4x4 gaming board. All terrain, including that contributed by players, will be preset by the tournament organisers before round 1 begins.

Round 4 - TO THE DEATH!

Bonus Points:

Head-Hunter: Your leader delt the final wound to the enemy leader. This may also apply to shooting. For instance, Vrasku may be your leader, and if deals the final wound to the enemy leader he will award you this bonus point.

Ambush: If a player is able to deal five unsaved wounds upon their opponents models, before losing their first, they will be awarded an extra battle point for that game. For example, Tom has priority, charges and wins the first five fights. In the process, he deals five wounds. He is yet to lose any, so is awarded an extra battle point. This victory condition lasts only until both players have lost a wound, after that the point cannot be gained by either side. This is a multiple award, if you manage to kill ten models, before losing your first, you are awarded a total of two extra battle points for that game - and so on (up to a maximum of 4).

Fate of Heroes: If, by the end of the game, you have NOT used any of your models Fate points in any way or form, you will be awarded an extra battle point for that game.
40k Warzone
This is less than a week away!
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