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Full Version: ATC 2014 FAQs
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Ok guys, trying to give you one source to find stuff on ATC this year rather than a bunch all over the place. So don't forget that you can download all the documents you should require from the ATC website

ATC 2014 will be using the ETC 2014 40k FAQ. This decision was made as it is an "unbiased" view point as it is not focused on any one states point of view. There will be items that get missed by even this document (it is fairly detailed) and these will be asked through your captain to the captains council. This is not a place to ask questions, only answer them. If you disagree with an answer that is in the ETC FAQ then it is probably a "bad luck", but ask your captain to raise it. If enough captains think it should be changed then I am sure we will come to some arrangement, we don't want to just follow the rest of the world "blindly", however this is the "fairest" way of handling it.

If there is an unanswered question you ask, I am raising it to the ETC rules council and hoping it will be included in their FAQ.

One very very very contentious item at the moment is infiltrating ICs and units without infiltrate. Let it be quite clear, CURRENTLY it is allowed that an IC brings a non infiltrating unit with them, HOWEVER this is currently being discussed in depth by the ETC rules council as that is how they ruled it last year and it is likely this will be changed. I just wanted people to just hold off a little longer on that item.



FAQs in addition to the ETC FAQ:

Assault Phase:
Q: How many dices are rolled for charge, when the attacker is not sure if he will go over the terrain (for example part of the target unit is in the terrain 10 inches from the attacking unit, so rolling too much will result in going over the terrain, but rolling 5 for example will not). And the attacker does not know if to roll 2d6 or 3d6. (Suggestion is roll 2d6,check the range, and if applicable roll third dice and subtract the highest)[/quote]
A: This can't happen. To know if you roll 3d6 or 2d6 you have to check the if closest route for any of the assaulting models go though difficult terrain. If this happen you roll 3d6. If afterwards you don't cross the difficult terrain then you don't suffer initiative penalty.

Psychic Powers:
Q: Can you use Gate of Infinity to Gate out of Combat?
A: you cannot Gate out of Combat, you cannot Gate while you are pinned/gone to ground, you cannot gate whenever there would be any other limitation to you moving.

Q: Can you get a cover save from a Screamer's slashing attack as it is not a shooting attack (and Screamers in fact have BS0)? Vector strike was FAQ'd to grant no cover but no such clarification exists for Slashing Attacks, it is simply assumed.
A: cover saves apply to shooting attacks and this is not one.

Q: Chaos Daemons: Fateweavers Staff of Tomorrow. It grants the player 1 reroll per player turn. Can this be used while Fateweaver is in reserves/ongoing reserves?
A: yes
Whats the go with guard/tenpestus? The ETC faq still has IG rather than AM FAQ?
Read the post wink.gif get your captains to ask in the captains fb group. It keeps it neat for us and things are less likely to slip through the gaps
QUOTE(difsta @ Apr 28 2014, 11:20 PM) *

Read the post wink.gif get your captains to ask in the captains fb group. It keeps it neat for us and things are less likely to slip through the gaps

Ok ill get tom to ask, but nowhere above does it say "if you have a question about codex inclusions please get your captain to ask" tongue.gif
ETC 2014 will be using 7th Edition. So I have uploaded the latest version of the FAQ to the ATC website (link in OP) prior to the change in edition.

If you have any questions that are not covered then please contact your Captain, they will be posted separately in the original post once the captains have come to a decision
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