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Full Version: Rapid Con Warhammer Fantasy Battles #4
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Hi all.

I invite all fantasy players to attend the RCWFB#4 event on September 14. It is a no-compa fantasy event with a few home grown twists to the standard game (read the players pack) armata_PDT_14.gif . The entry fee is $45 and it will be held at the Club Southport and will run from 8am till 8.30-9.00pm. There will be 4 games with best presented, best sport, 1st 2nd 3rd and heaps of lucky door prizes. it will be a 8th ed event so feel free to post here or find me on facebook, just look for rapid confrontation. I look forward to seeing you there!

Players list to date:

1.Michael Roberts- Paid
2. Ian Robertson
3. Darryl Rice- Paid
4. Brett Farrell
5. Gary Den Otter- Paid
6. Nick Tod- Paid
7. Erik Lathouras- Paid
8. Michael Graham- Paid
9. William Ferguson
10. Mike Larkin
11. Hayden Walduck- Paid
12. Luke McFadden- Paid
13. Matthew Gammie- Paid
14. Dave Keegan- Paid
15. Victoria Wall- Paid
16. Scott Hirst
17. Jeremy Beaty- Paid
18. Nik Dor
19. Alexander Dumay- Paid
20. Heather Jones- Paid
21. Ryan Walker
22. Eddie Lara- Paid
23. Jason Bird
24. Matt Tanner- Paid
25. Patrick Carter
26. Michael Mientjes
27. Andy Ragged- Paid
28. Josh Clough
29. Ben Keirnan
30. Josh Carroll- paid
Hi! I'm interested in this!

Just checking my schedule I'll confirm too, I'll see if I can bring some people..
Hi Im definitely interested, I have requested membership on fb. This should be awesome!

Hi all, well the event is next weekend and I still have some spots open if anyone is keen for a fantasy tournament either reply by pming me here or fell free to jump across to Facebook and join our group there. Here is an updated player list:

So here is the players list so far
1.Michael Roberts- Paid- list received
2. Anthony J Fontainas- Paid- list received
3. Darryl Rice- Paid- list received
4. Brett Farrell- Paid- list received
5. Gary Den Otter- Paid- list received
6. Jackson Smith- Paid- list received
7. Erik Lathouras- Paid- list received
8. Michael Graham- Paid- list received
9. William Ferguson- Paid- list received
10. Josh Carroll- paid- list received
11. Hayden Walduck- Paid- list received
12. Luke McFadden- Paid- list received
13. Matthew Gammie- Paid- list received
14. Dave Keegan- Paid- list received
15. Victoria Wall- Paid- list received
16. Scott Hirst- Paid Sp- list received
17. Jeremy Beaty- Paid- list received
18. Andy Ragged- Paid- list received
19. Alexander Dumay- Paid- list received
20. Ed Hamacek- Paid-list received
21. Michael Mientjes- Paid- list received
22. Eddie Lara- Paid- list received
23. Patrick Carter- Paid- list received
24. Braden Selbie- Paid- list received
25. Ryan Walker- not confirmed- list received
26. Jason Bird- Paid- list received
27. Dan Saye- Paid- list received
28. Nick Tod- Paid- list received

It'd be great to see some new faces there. I look forward to hearing from you.
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