Hi all the 2015 Rapid Confrontation dates are as follows:

Hi all. ( Adam, Rodney) I have been bombarded by lots of players wanting to know when my events are for next year so please view my list below and you will find out:

17January 2015- RC40K 1850pts 1x CAD, Codex Lords of War (LOW), Strong Hold Assault (SHA) allowed, no Forge World unless approved.

14 March 2015- RCWFB#7 2400pts (bringing back Holy Grail Theme)

23 May 2015- RCAI 3000pts anything goes 40K 3 games.

18 July 2015- RC Doubles 40K 1000pts per player, 2 detachments per player, codex LOW, SHA allowed, Forge World allowed pending approval.

26 September 2015- RCATT 1850pts max 3 detachments. Codex LOW, SHA allowed, Forge World allowed pending approval.

7 November 2015- RCWFB Doubles 1500pts per player

I'll be working on players packs over the coming months. All RC events for next year will be $45 per player. If you want a discount become a Rapid Confrontation club member, it can save you up to $90 for the RC 2015 tournament season (price was calculated on premium membership. $150 per year to join giving 20% off RRP for GW product sold by Rapid Confrontation as well as a $15 discount to events). If you are keen to attend any of them it's simple either drop me a pm here on wargamerau or better yet join our Facebook page. We hope to see you all there! armata_PDT_01.gif

Kind regards