This is a league based around an intro to the game. If you are an experience player it still has an opportunity to take new teams to try out.
If you do not have the rules you can down load for free on the mantic website ... ree-rules/

I also have some team that you can purchase if you need, or if you have models from other range you can use them.

Rounds start in March 28th
Each round will be three weeks in length,
Depending on player numbers will determine how long. Must be willing to travelled to Outpost south, as that is the most centre location for both north and south players,
I am looking at 4-6 players for the first league. If we have numbers we will split into two separate leagues a northern and southern just depends on numbers.
This will be an intro league and we will be using seasons 1-3 rules we will not use MVPs in this league.
Dreadball leagues from the season one rule book will be in effect page 51.
We will not be using mvps.
We will start with 100mc for each team
Each round will be a double header one home and one away game in the round. This can be played in one night.
These games can be played at any location or any time during the round.
After you play your round you email the results to
Both coaches will need to submit there results, if one player submits then the results I have from them will stand.
If no results are submitted from both coaches you will forfeit the round and both score 0 LP and 0 game points
If you are unable to play this due to life than you can apply to league official for an extension this means you will have to play the game in the next round, (that means two games in next round) this is to done before the end of the round or you will forfeit the round.
You are to keep you own records of the games played as they will be needed at the end of league.

Prizes will be awarded to
Best painted team and themed team
Most points scored by team
And a league winnerís trophy

As the game progresses we will add rules to the package if needed.
We use
Season 1-3 rules
Mantic dread ball FAQ (any conflict with the rules the FAQ takes precedents)

Results needed to returned per game
Score of game
Number of kill
Fan checks scored
Best play vote
Photo of both teams side by side

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