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Full Version: Conquest 2015 X-Wing Epic Tournament
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Conquest 2015 X-Wing Epic Tournament

Friday April 3 2015

Organised by Django Upton

Conquest 2015 is a games convention held in Melbourne from April 3-6, 2015.
This X-Wing Epic tournament is one of many events at the convention.

Star Wars: X-Wing is a fun Star Wars space combat game using miniatures, cards and dice.

The rules used will be the standard rules as updated with a latest errata and tournament rules on the FFG website at except as follows:

Depending on the number of players play will consist of up to 4 rounds of up to 2 hours starting at 10am.

Players will use 200 point squadrons constructed using the team Epic tournament rules. Proxy cards and printouts from Squadron builders may be used. The play area will be 4 feet wide by 3 feet deep.

The draw will be by Swiss chess by accumulated tournament points score with the best attempt made to match opponents with those of differing factions. If necessary an extra player will play byes to make the numbers even.

Scoring will be by tournament points for Places. Countback for places shall be by the results of their games if they have played each other, otherwise by the normal tournament rules.

Trophies and Prizes will be awarded to the Top Places.

All players must register with Conquest. Entry fee is 3 Conquest tickets. Prepay for your tickets by bank transfer to Conquest and save money.

Conquest information and online registration is at
If you have previously attended Conquest or Unicon your AON player information has been retained so you can log in using the same username and password.

Conquest 2015 will be held at Melbourne High School, Forest Hill St, South Yarra (Melways 2L/3K).

The organiser can be contacted by email at

KayJay’s Games and Hobbies Cafe - (Prizes)
Conquest 2015 X-Wing Epic Results:

Placing. Name, Faction, TP, MOV, Awards
1. Aiden Jones, Rebel, 13, 883, First Place
2. Alex Inglis, Scum, 10, 825, Second Place
3. Jamie Saxon, Imperial, 8, 655, Third place
4. Tarquin Murnane, Rebel, 6, 628
5. Ken Gifford, Scum, 5, 647
6. Andrew Oates, Rebel, 5, 515
7. Phil LeHunt, Rebel, 5, 432
8. Michael Hill, Imperial, 0, 215

Aiden’s list:

CR90 Corvette
Fore 50
+ Weapon engineer 3
+ Quad laser 6
+ Turbolaser 8
+ Sensor Team 4
+ Engineer Team 4
+ Tibana Gas Supply 4
Aft 40
+ Engineer Team 4
+ Quad laser 6
+ Engine Booster 3
+ Torryn Far 6

Luke Skywalker 28
+ Opportunist 4
+ R2-D2 4

Airen Cracken 19
+ Swarm tactics 2
+ Cluster missiles 4
+ Munitions failsafe 1
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