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No set up for you apparently. They want to use their own trusted suppliers. (B-town) and don't really want me to use whoever I want. Which is kinda annoying. Anyway, closer to the date we are going to get a equipment list and I will give it over to yourself and nick and see what the go is with it anyway. They may change there mind if a good deal can be made. Otherwise I told them I'd just get the basics from them, the complete utter bare bones basics and do everything else myself if thats how they wanted to go.

Been a lot of too and fro as well with offers. Put another one in yesterday. Will see what happens from here on out.

Also new appy started today on trial. Lolz are happening in workshop as now we have 3 chickens running around trying to pretend they are working in stead of 2.

Not to mention I was here till past 8pm trying to sort things out last night with the owner. GG 13 hour days. Then gets upset when I am 5 minutes late. When I have worked over 3 hours extra for no pay. Not for too much longer... Also, I really want to set up a table above the office. Warhammer workshop. Its a thing.
Jetty Smurf
Man, you either need to be more vague or more specific or send a PM. tongue.gif
QUOTE(Jetty Smurf @ Jun 3 2015, 03:16 PM) *

Man, you either need to be more vague or more specific or send a PM. tongue.gif

This worked. He saw and understood.

Also, William. Your wish wellingtons have arrived. If you know what I mean. #vaguebook
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