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Full Version: Hobby Procrastination
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Hi All,

I have met a few of you and umm'd and ahh'd about what game to play.

Now I find that I am struggling to get started.

How do you keep motivated with the hobby?

Hi Andarus

I don't believe we have met - my son and I never made it to last game day.

You pose an interesting question. Personally, my motivation ebbs and flows (as I believe is natural), and I am motivated at different times for different aspects of the hobby. Sometimes assembling and painting the figures is something I enjoy and look forward too. Other times (like recently) I just don't feel the drive to approach the pile of models awaiting my loving attention!!

Similarly, my attitude towards playing the game that I invested in (40K). After approx 2 years I still don't know the rules that well - luckily the Club Members at Ringwood appear very forgiving of my rule ignorance and help me out. That makes it more difficulty for me to enjoy a game at home as I spend more time hunting through the rule book that I do playing the game!!

To me, your 'struggle to get started' could be due to one (or a combination) of different factors.

1. Perhaps this sort of hobby just isn't for you - if so you just saved yourself a bit of money!

2. Or maybe the choice of games is resulting in a bit of confusion (you mention this yourself), and this is your impediment. If so, I know people are happy to allow others to play games sharing their kit at the club so we can all experience what is available. When you find one that suits you, ask around to find out what a good base army to play is comprised of, and start there.

For my part, if I knew before I started what I do now about 40K (primarily the cost and rule complexity), I would have chosen differently and gone another route. I've heard good things about both X-Wing and Warmachine, and both those will probably get some attention from me at some point.

Hope some of this helps.


QUOTE(Andarus @ Aug 4 2015, 06:09 PM) *

Hi All,

I have met a few of you and umm'd and ahh'd about what game to play.

Now I find that I am struggling to get started.

How do you keep motivated with the hobby?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response.

I mainly have problems with motivating myself to paint and assemble.

I enjoying playing games but have always struggled with painting as I don't really enjoy and have not been very good at it in the past.

I think I need to make the effort to buy the paints and brushes etc I need and then get into the swing of painting and that will probably help

If you don't enjoy painting, do what I do and pick army that look easiest to paint i.e Warmachine CoC or 40k Necron. I think they need two or three step to finish.

step 1. spray model(s) with silver
step 2. paint the eyes and what else
next part is optional
step 3. dip model in Army Painter Quick Shade(I think that's what it's call) or apply the GWS wash
Urgh, motivation. I wish I had some at the moment. I haven't painted a miniature in weeks, or even thought of putting any together. Sometimes I'll convert something up just to try and get those creative juices flowing.
Anyway, if you're coming to have a play at club, don't worry too much about your painting. Hell, we don't mind if the minis aren't even painted at all.
As for what game to play, maybe just drop in and hang out for a while. See what's going on, ask us about ######. There's usually some 40k going, and sometimes some warmahordes. If nothing else, you could jump into a game of zombicide as that's pretty much a constant at the moment (I'm a recent convert, it's great fun).
And even if we're having big battles, pretty much all of us are willing to trim down to a small army to have intro/beginner games.
Maybe we'll see you on Sunday.
Or just buy already assembled and painted stuff from the Buy/Sell forums
HI there,

I have the same issues with motivation and timing I think is a factor. I started to go to the club earlier this year and now family is keeping me away from the w/e that the club is on and then this results in me becoming despondent about gaming I really like the people at the club and I struggle with the rules as well but the People at Ringwood wargaming are a good bunch and very tolerant.

im hopin that I can get some more gaming in like 40k and fantasy and I like my star wars as well but I don't have the time at the moment but im hoping to maybe get back to it next month or sooner hopefully

Jetty Smurf
Why do you think I play a lot of board games these days? tongue.gif

But seriously, it comes and goes. I had a period there where the missus and I assembled and painted huge batches of mini's within the space of a couple months. The reason was either due to some league or an event or something of that nature.

However, I haven't been to many events recently and so haven't had a drive or push to get anything done. I feel like I'm falling a bit behind but that's ok. It's not the end of the world.

That said, I think we should have a hobby day. Bring anything that you want to paint/assemble and we can give each other hints and tips and answer questions etc. I know I have a few choice pieces I would want to bring down and I always have questions regarding painting.

Who would be interested in a dedicated hobby day? Games are of course welcome, but the focus would be on the hobby side of things.

If interested, we can run it either next club or the club after. biggrin.gif
Hobby day sounds brill. We'd need some music to go with it though, I think.
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