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Full Version: Little Wars - Anyone Got Feedback and Pictures?
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Captain Darling
Hey All,

So what did you think of this years Little Wars Melbourne?

Show us your pictures!

Any pictures of the Blue Max Table? I much prefer these rules with miniatures than WoW/WoG...

Any info on the 6mm ACW table, rules, scenario played, pictures???

Good to see Long Tan got a spot!

I posted some twitter pics, which I can probably use here again...

Cthulhu rises from the deep to attack a shipload of characters
IPB Image

A game of guildball, which I quite enjoyed and I went and got myself the Brewer's guild starter's pack:
IPB Image

Attack on Hoth game, using the X-wing mechanics for AT-AT's and snowspeeders. Really well put together:
IPB Image

Setting up in the morning - where the Gamemasters check out the Bring & Buy on stage, before the rest of the punters get in:
IPB Image

Lovely looking 15mm game:
IPB Image

Gorgeous art-deco cityscape done by Knights of Dice:
IPB Image

Battle of Platea, the players didn't want to stop playing at the end of the day!
IPB Image

A shot of the game we were running, a Tribal skirmish combat game between two maori warparties
IPB Image

Mike Parker from Battlefield Accessories and James from Nunawading Wargames Assoc welcoming visitors at the entrance:
IPB Image

I didn't see the blue max game... too many games on! The 6mm game was run by Andy V Ingen, not sure which rules he used - the table looked very nice though.

All in all, it was a great day again. I'm just chuffed to see people still enjoying themselves coming along to Little Wars.
Great photos! Wish I could have made it along this year - I really wanted a closer look at Tribal and Adam's Cthulhu game.
Captain Darling
Thanks hongihika!

"Cthulhu rising from the deep" looks great!

I also like the look of the two maori warparties clubbing each other to death.
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