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Full Version: Sentry City: Waterfront
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Knights of Dice
Sorry Wargamerau ... we do love you, we need to spend more time here!!

We've launched our brand new 28-32mm kits, Sentry City: Waterfront today ... we're really pleased with how all the kits have come out and look forward to seeing what people do with them!

IPB Image

You can check out the full range here > Sentry City: Waterfront

We've got 12 new products in this range including:

- Resin bumper/dodgem cars
- Whiplash arena
- Wonder Wheel
- Carousel
- Carnival Entrance
- Fencing pack
- Ticket Booths
- Popcorn Carts
- Skeeball
- Duck Hunt
- Hotshots
- Hammer Time (includes Wack-a-Mole and Hi-Striker)

All instructions are available online, the kits include various thicknesses of MDF and card components. We recommend you read the instructions carefully as many parts are small and delicate.

We especially love our new resin bumper car .... 3d sculpted, printed, molded and cast in house!

IPB Image

The tiny little Popcorn cart also drew a lot of 'Likes' on Facebook ....

IPB Image

Be sure to check it out, and share it with your friends who might play games such as Batman The Miniature Game, or Pulp City ... or any other game where carnival attractions would look awesome!
These are amazing, guys!

Between games like Batman and This Is Not A Test, they'd look awesome on a display table at PAX. Are you planning to be there this year? I'm not organising events this time, but I know the Minis organisers are always on the lookout for demo tables that will pull a crowd.
Lovely work. Malifaux would be super keen as an alternative to the plascraft carnival as well.
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