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Full Version: Rankings & Masters 2018 Info thread
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Hi Everyone
We are 2 months down in the year, and thus 4 months down in the yearly cycle for the rankings and masters progress. As most of you know, the rankings are not designed to be super competitive, its to generate interest, travel and attendance in events, start conversations, and hopefully, get the best players in the country together at the end of the year, for a one day throw down event.

As far as quality goes, Think Dwarves are popular? our Man Jeff Traish was all over the power of dwarves before anyone else in the world, and is being compared along with the US masters winner running Dwarves and wining the big events. They are at least a season behind over there!

But anywho, the 2018 Masters will be in Melbourne - at the House of War in Ringwood on the 25th of November. Fortunes of War, an open campaign based event, will take place again the day before, and we would love everyone to be there for the day, and indeed the whole weekend! Its a faction (Good vs Evil) event, and a great chance to get some games in, and get the help of, some experienced players, happy to help thier team mates out for the greater good (or Evil).

Back to Masters - Who will be there? well - the format will be the same as last year, 5 Auto entries, and then the next 7 highest ranked people in attendance, 12 in total. Invitations from auto-entry events will pass down 1 spot, after that, they go into the rankings pool as well. So the attendees will be:
Winner - 2017 Masters - Jeff Traish
ACT Qualifier - CANCON - Adrian Stakula
QLD Qualifier - BRISCON - TBD (April)
VIC Qualifier - CONVIC - TBD (July)
NSW Qualifier - Castle Assault - TBD (October)

So if you are keen, then getting to these other auto-invite events, generally the biggest tourneys around, is a great advantage. Briscon is next, and it looks like there will be players from all 4 major areas in attendance, so if you just want to part of a big weekend of gaming, get there!

On the rankings front, we now have enough events in the system to get a trend for the year, with each state having run a couple of events now, and the biggest, CanCon, in the books. (Although Sydney itself is not pulling its weight - come on Sydney siders, go roll some dice!!!)

This seasons #1 player at the moment is Captain QLD, Clint Richards. Trailing is our current Master Traishy from NSW, followed by the pride of Victoria Andrew 'AG' Goodman, and new kid to the altitude at the top, Dry Moore from the ACT. But its really cool to see a player from each region making the top 4 (actually it sucks last years NSW dominance was better).

There is then some shocking news, with Tony Winmill dominating the ACT into 6th place, and Bruce Tobin partying like its 1999 in 7th! there are only 2 NSW and 2 QLD players in the top ten with the best Ken competition in 5th and 8th respectively (A major change from the past 2 years), and then CanCon smasher Staks in 9th, and another Melbourne man Matt Liang rounding up the top 10.

Stay tuned for further updates throughout the year, and if your reading this, sign up to your local events, and have an awesome time playing Kings of War!


Hi Everyone.
ConVic is in the books, and things are now 2/3 done for the year as far as the rankings cycle goes. Some changes are afoot!!! as of right now ->

After Winning ConVic, and gaining his invite - our National #1 player Clint Richards extended his lead at the top, now 10 points clear of the field. We also have a new #2! Check to see if someone performed a ritual or sacrificed a goat or something, because Adrian 'Staks' Stakula has VAULTED into the #2 spot on the back of his Dwarves (that might fly) and their long range game. Ken Ferris stays in third spot - but reigning Master Jeff Traish has "Tumbled" down to 4th place, 20 points behind 1st - I think this is the lowest Traishy has been since the rankings kicked off.

Rounding out the top 5 sees the return of our first ever #1 Andrew 'AG' Goodman Victoria's greatest player (Historically speaking - Staks may have shot him) and with Mike 'Mikecro' Crossman of Mikcronesia in 8th - Victoria have 3 players in the top 10. Newcastle's Finest Pete Ball is in 6th with Ken 'KenInYorks' in 7th, meaning only 2 QLD players are in the top 10 for the first time in a long time, whilst Canberra takes up positions 9, 10 & 11 with Charles Black, Dru Moore and big bad Bruce Tobin, and the lesser Ferris completes the top 12.

Why is this relevant? Because there is a LOT of close competition behind Evan for that 12th spot in the rankings. Damian, Fraser, Steve and Trevor all did well in recent events and are within 10 points of that spot, and there are a range of people carrying 2 good results who just need 1 more good finish to get to the top 12.

This Years Masters in Ringwood - House of War - Victoria, we know the following people will be there:
2017 champion - Jeff Traish
CanCon Invite - Adrian Stakula
BrisCon Invite - Charles Black
ConVic Invite - Clint Richards
With all 4 invites being in the top 12 already - it looks like top 12 is in. I'd estimate that KenD & Mike in 7th & 8th are probably safe, but there is plenty of wiggle room for those final spots before the end of October.

So Get yourself to an event in your local area soon - heckle your regions said champion, and if your on the bubble, get to your next event! The rankings are about trying to generate numbers for our events, and encourage you to meet and play to learn from some of these top players.

The Masters Pack is mostly written already, and Fortunes of War as well. Thanks for your interest - and Good Luck on your Quest to be there in the final week in November.

Hi Guys
Masters and Fortunes of War player packs have been released - please check the events in each thread in the Tournaments & Events section.
We would love to see all of you who can make it at Fortunes on Saturday, and encourage any of you who can to make it on Sunday to watch the top 12 battle it out.
Any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.
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