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Full Version: ADLG Republician Romans
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For Christmas, I decided to treat myself to a Republican Roman army to be an opposing force for my Carthaginians.

The base of the order was WE-BOX04 REPUBLICAN ROMAN

1x General (Scipio)
12x Roman Cavalry, Punic Wars (from WE-RP01)
24x Roman Velites, Punic Wars (from WE-RP02)
24x Roman Hastati, Punic Wars (from WE-RP04)
24x Roman Princepes, Punic Wars (from WE-RP05)
24x Roman Triarii, Punic Wars (from WE-RP06)

Looking at the Punic army lists, that would give me more than enough the Cavalry and Velites, the exact right number of Triarii, and 3 units each of Princepes and Hastati.

I added to my order

7x Command figures (WE-G24 Republican Roman Generals)
shield transfers (WE-D12 Republican Roman large oval shields)

I will probably need some more Hastati and Princepes later, but was trying to keep the total cost reasonable. Including shipping it was £64.50. Hopefully I will have enough to keep me busy over Christmas and will be able to pick up anything else in post Christmas sales.

Mark C
Was holding out for sales, but didn't see any.

Just noticed though that the price has gone up from £11.00 a blister to £12.00. The small box sets (consist of equivalent of 5 blisters plus a general) have gone up from £45.00 to £48.00. Postage is still 20%.

That was a bit sneaky, I tend to check their site frequently for sales and there was no warning about price increases. If I had known there were price increases I might have done some panic buying.

First world problems.
Its been 15 months but I have now painted enough figures for two legions in ADLG

IPB Image

They look great Mark ,great to see the progress!

- Kendall
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