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Full Version: Reaver Cup 11
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Blackhearts Reaver
I will be running a friendly little 40K tourney at Toy Wiz
in Plainlands QLD (4341) on the 24th of November (Sunday).
for the end of our Escalation Campaign. (I will be referee/organiser for the tourney - not playing).

Preliminary details are:
Reaver Cup 11

1500pts 40K all current codex (not Vigilus supplement)($15 entry)
List submission will be required by 17th October.
Maximum 14 players
1 day 9.00am-5pm 3 games.

Swiss Chess rules (winner play winners) after a random round one.
There will be :
-Battle points,
-Sportsmanship points,
-Painting points and
-Composition (how tough/strong your army is).

Prizes (Dependant on number of entrants.)
-1st, 2nd, Best painted, Best sports and a Prize awarded by Jenny(Shop owner) for whatever criteria she wants to encourage.

This is to be a FRIENDLY Tournament with fun in mind. Will be including a few more criteria for list making and will include missions and Battle criteria in a Tournament Pack in a week or two.

Overly powerful internet lists will be rejected.
Sounds great. Didn't even know there was a Games shop out that way. Might not make this event, but will be keeping an eye out for others.
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