Monday before Christmas we played our Yule Tide FUBAR VSF game!

Scenario Background;
After the discovery of the Long-Lost but recently discovered Pyramid of Dloser S.O.E. dispatched a Team lead by Captain Long-Johns with Royal Navy support to survey the structure and recover any items of importance.
But little did intrepid the force’s leader, Captain Long-Johns know but the Pyramid’s location had been leaked by a double agent of the Tsar posing as Fakir in S.O.E. Agent Bigger’s entourage. His task was not going to be easy!
June 20 and after a perilous journey the British Expeditionary Force disembarked from their transport ship, the Shastah and despite warnings of a pending sandstorm moved off toward their objective as soon as the sun began to rise. At the same time two other Teams of intrepid (and not so intrepid) men were carrying out exactly the same mission, the groups Doktor Von Hades and the British Imperial Museum had co-incidentally arrived that very same day!
Captain Long-Johns peering into the dim early morning Light mentioned to Sergeant Churchill, “Sergeant Churchill I’ve a damn odd feeling about this sortie, it’s almost like we are stepping into some eerie twilight zone.” The cheery Sergeant replied, “Very good Sir, eerie twilight zone sounds an appropriate description of our current situation to me Sir…The good Sergeants words were cut short and the Company’s chiselled jaws dropped as one as a figure resembling an ancient Egyptian Mummy lurched into their view…

After a hearty BBQ had been consumed the teams were allocated and the order of play was randomly selected and we were off!

Faction Queen Victoria, The Queen's Men: Al, first each player turn.
Faction Evil, Doktor Von Hades Minions: Dave, second each player turn.
Faction British Imperial Museum: George, third each player turn.

The first 5 turns were quite civilised as players searched for artefacts and headed for the big prize, the Pyramid! Team Queen Victoria were first to reach the Pyramid and by then had an artefact in their possession too, Team Evil was not far behind and even though they had encountered ghostly skeletons they had easily overcome them. The unfortunate British Museum Team lagged behind them artefact free! Once the Pyramid was breached by the redcoats of Team Queen Victoria all hell broke loose, there were more Skeleton Guards in action and shooting broke out between the various factions. Amid the chaos the British secured the important burial chamber only to have Team Evil occupy it and gain its treasure, the Royal Conifer Tree (still amazingly alive after many centuries and strangely resembling a Christmas tree). At this stage Team Queen Victoria withdrew to save the treasures hey had acquired, Team Evil hunkered down in the safety of the Pyramids burial chamber and the British Museum Team continued to search the plain before the Pyramid for treasures (successfully) while trying to stop the British reaching the safety of their river gunboat (unsuccessfully).

after the allocated 12 turns the victory points were tallied and the results were...
Faction Queen Victoria, Alan: 9
Faction Evil, Dave: 7
Faction British Imperial Museum, George: 5

The first turn and Team Queen Victoria quickly advanced on a wide front while the closely grouped team between the pond and cat topped column was Team Evil which cautiously edged forward...
IPB Image

Riflemen Asquith and Chamberlain are seen here giving the Skeleton Guards the BAYONET!
IPB Image

Steel Balls leading his evil scum into the archaeologist's camp where they stumbled on a crate of Canopic Jars and more Skeleton Guards which were dispatched with ease!
IPB Image

The full AAR and a few more pictures are on my blog...

The scenario set up and 'historical' notes are here!