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Full Version: So I started FOW and need some help!
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I picked up the rulebook at Cancon and have been reading it since, looks very promising. Rules look clean, tidy, simple and fun, and I just picked up a Panzer IV F1-2 platoon box set and I'm having a sweet time painting these bad boys.

I'm going with Germans, but am unsure as to what kind of army I want?

So I thought maybe you guys could give some advice as to what the the strengths, styles and weaknesses of the 3 standard german forces fromt he rule book.

At this stage I want tanks, but some troops, so it looks like a Panzer Kompanie, with a armoured infantry platoon.

How do tanks and troops fare? Is it best to strike up a balance, or simply got nuts with the tanks!smile.gif

Cheers! 8)
Combined arms is the way to go. Tanks are good at taking ground, but can't hold it too well. Infantry are damn hard to dislodge, but they need help when attacking things bigger than them eg. tanks.

As you are playing Germans, the general strength is that you have lots of quality troops and equipment, but this also means that you will have far less of them than everyone else.

Panzer companies as I said, are damn nice for blowing up stuff and being intimidating, but if you are required to hold down objectives, you may have a hard time doing so, and a skilled player will not be very scared of a tank rush, especially if he is using infantry. Dug in infantry is very hard to dig out with tank guns.

Grenadier companies hold down ground well, and can pour out an ungodly amount of machine gun fire, but you will need help against tanks, such as anti-tank guns and the like. But however, they are one of the best things to use if your enemy is dug in and not budging - you dig them out with your bayonet biggrin.gif

Panzergrenadiers are a bit of a compromise between the two, with the Grenadiers running around in halftracks. Mind you, armoured infantry tend to be a tad more expensive to collect cos you have to get all the transports too.
Well, I was also thinking about a Grenadier Kompanie, with a Heavy platoon (Tiger and 2 Panzer III's) or an assault gun platoon (StuGs or StuH42s).

I see what you mean about infantry being hard to dislodge and able to hold objectives more effectively.

I just know I want some tanks, but is a Tiger and 2 Panzer IIIs to much in 1500pts?

Are there in alternate army lists that may be better suited for me? I would really like an infantry company with a platoon of Panzer IVs or IIIs, can this be done?

Thanks Jwai!
yeah, stugs III G (180p) or the cheaper kind (Stug III d? 120p) are just the tonic. 490 for a single Tiger is a little much, you can get 3 or 4 stugs for that cost.
The Hunter
Hmmm if you want infantry and Panzers IV's fight along side with them, then you might want to play a fallschrimjager force as they can get support from any of the intel books.
Something to consider is that the rulebook lists, while legal, aren't as well tested as the later sourcebooks.

If you're looking at Tanks on the Eastern Front, or maybe even Italy in 43, Hitlers Fire Brigade is the one you want. If an Infantry company is more your style, Stalingrad is a great option.

Points for tanks change, Tigers for example drop to a mere 385 points each.

Panzers are a flexible, and relatively cheap way to start. You can get a Panzer company on the field with just 10 or 12 blisters, and still win games.

Infantry are a little bit more expensive, but can take much longer to paint, and are much less forgiving on the battlefield. Also, German Infantry can only have Heavy tanks in Support, and not a normal Panzer platoon of PzIII's or IV's.

Mounted Infantry are loads more expensive (all those Half Tracks to buy), but have mobility, some great support options, and can have normal tanks as well as a heavy tank platoon.

I'd say start with a Panzer Company, especially since you already have 5 good Panzers as a starting point.
Add another 3 tanks, and some AA or heavy AT, plus a scout platoon or some other infantry (to dig out dug in Infantry) and you'll be in good shape.
Thanks guys, I'll pick up Hitlers Fire Brigade ASAP.
On another note, how do people model antennae's on their tanks? I was messing around with some electrical wire but still can't seem to find something thin enough.
The Hunter
Since you are getting Hitlers fire brigarde make sure you get the latest one with the eagle symbol behind the title.
Hi Dylan,
Do you have Army Builder? If so I can send you some lists that I'm currently playing with as a guide.

Hey Brett! Good to hear from you. Yes I have army builder, please email me those lists as it would really help.

John tells me you'll be up for Norcon? I don't think FOW will be being run on the day, but Warmachine will be on at night (Mangled Metal) with WFB and 40k during the day as per usual. I was thinking (considering they would be like 15 or so people playing FOW in Townsville by then we could have a tournament the weekend before Norcon, even just a one day event at the club. Email me your thoughts Brett! smile.gif
[highlight=red:8a55d1d955]On another note, how do people model antennae's on their tanks? I was messing around with some electrical wire but still can't seem to find something thin enough.[/highlight:8a55d1d955]

use the bristles from a broom
Thanks Simon!!
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