Outpost 6030 Skullz 40k

Kent St Senior High School Drama Department
Rathay Street Entrance

April 12th & 13th

- 6 games with a time limit of 2 1/2 hours, played over 2 days.
- Up to 2000 points.
- Special characters are allowed.
- Forgeworld models are allowed provided they aren't flyers, forgeworld special characters or don't have mass/structure points.
-Apocalypse rules will not be used.
- Armies with a codex can be used.
- Players pack comes with the ticket.
- Skulls tokens will be appearing once again along with the popular mission cards.

How Much?
- Tickets are $30 for Outpost 6030 or Armadale Wargames members
- $35 for members of any other club
- $40 for non-members.
- Tickets can be purchased from both the North and South chapters of Outpost 6030, as well as from all of the Games Workshop stores in W.A.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, James, via email or pm with any futher questions relating to this, or any other Outpost 6030 event.