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Full Version: Christmas Cup '08
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The Christmas Cup 08 is coming.

Ghostbusters inc.
Christmas Cup

Dec 14.
Ok, The Christmas Cup is this sunday and we have one place left. its obvious to me that one of you mainlanders will need to hop across the pond to take part.

make it happen people

Ghostbusters inc.
Did the event happen? How many players? Will results be posted?


Mark C
I will fight u for the last 1 i come from mildra waaagh and my name is cleavmiar
It went down, with 11 players so we had a bi round which counted for 5 points.

due to only being three rounds with no soft scores there were a lot of ties, the results are

1st Cat (Tomb Kings), Nathan (Warriors of Chaos) and Conor (High Elves) all on 15
2nd Hugo (Night Goblins) 12
3rd Ed (Vampire Counts) 11
4th Pat (Empire) and Callum (Vampire counts) 9
5th Dean (Dark Elves) 8
6th Furrey (Lizardmen) 6
7th Shane (Dwarves) 5
8th Tim (Warriors of Chaos) 0 (he gets the wooden spoon)

IT was a succesful event and i would like to the Area-52 for letting us use all there tables on a fairly busy sunday.

Also i should probably mention that it was a 1500pt Fantasy Tournement.

bit of a report, the first match turned out to be five grudge matches with Tomb Kings fighting Vampires, Goblins Fighting Dwarves, Dark Elves fighting High Elves, Chaos fighting Chaos and Vampires against Empire, then we progressed with swiss pairing for the rest of the games
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