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Full Version: [BB] resurrected in 2010 - 12 months after last update
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[Edit]*Note: I reserve the right to change my mind at anytime and make the fluff substantiate my changes. FYI I'll highlight any changes/edits in red* biggrin.gif
So I've sat on my ar$e and done nothing with these BB miniatures I have.
To slide the reality of collecting yet more miniatures past the CFO (wife) it started out as being conceptualised on behalf of my youngest daughter, Amalia who is 8 months tomorrow. Really just finding an excuse to collect yet more figures of another system.
With a BB league starting at the local (WSWA) and strong support from mates (WACCY) and neighbours (DAWG Pound) I'd fallen on board with a plastic ork team I'd called the 'Purple People Eaters' (PPE) for no other reason than Amalia going purple in the face when she shared her attitude and opinions about anything.
I'd been impressed with an alternative Ork colour skin colour scheme used by Ben/waargh on his prize winning orks and thought it would be cool to challenge myself with this...aside from the fact that I can't paint skin of any kind for nuts.
Further investigation discovered that Ben's Orks had a one time been called the PPE too.
So a name change was in order...and maybe the scheme too.

In the interim I'd joined in WAU spamming of a WSWA thread with this:

Part1: Feb 13 2009, 01:11 PM

Furry Dog K'Bab scowled as sat on his Krapper flicking through the current edition of "Blood 'n' Balls", the WSWABBL monthly rag, while he waited for movement.
He'd been told that if he could read there was some worthy content.
What did he care.
Looking at the pictures was gratifying.
That new Bad Moon Star player Krush-tail looked edible in yellow body paint.

He flicked to the calendar to see who they were playing this week.
What does 'Purple People Eaters - bye' mean he wondered?


Something hard hit the bottom of his krapper.
It was a penny.
Boss hadn't paid for their kit yet.

Sullenly Dog reached behind him and picked up his empty kit bag throwing it in the Krapper.
Lifting the Krapper over his shoulder he pushed his way out of the Pros-krast'nashun Pub and went looking for the Boss.
He pulled something out of his krak as he stomped towards the Pain' Binch and wondered what excuse the Boss would have this time.

So...I recently started cleaning the models for painting and working on paint schemes, fiction etc.
I have another army that has never seen daylight which is a WM Menoth army of around 2000pts that I've gathered using my oldest daughter Kesara (3 1/2 yrs old) as an excuse.
Seeing as the BB orks are likely to see table time in the near future and Kesara is the oldest child it stand to reason she really should be honoured first.
Out with with K-Block.

and now the eagerly awaited continuation...


Dog stood there kicking his right toe plate in to the bitumen pitch.
Damn it itched where they’d stuck in the sharps.
Why did it have to be between the toes where you couldn’t get at it?

The itch was the least of his worries…having purple skin was down-right insulting for an Ork.
One minute he was drinking in the pub and the next thing he was waking up in a cell with a number tattooed on his forehead, purple skin and feeling like a pin cushion.

He had no idea what was going on but the testing stopped when he was picked for the team.
It was good to have gear and be bashing again even if it was for the ‘Bish’. Pro-ball, thats what they called it.
He wondered how the Purple People Eaters were doing with out him. Probably still sitting on their krappers waiting for the Boss. Lazy fool. So much potential.
He wasn’t sure he liked his player name, Krutch, but seeing as all the players from K-Block had funny names that all sounded the same he’d live with it. It was marginally better than KR8416-09.
He was also glad that Krematorium was on his team. That dude was one massive mother, even for a Black Orc. He did look funny with purple skin. Maybe that’s why he was always angry…all the time.

Inquisitor Bishop surveyed his team from the 3rd floor window of K-Block as they were put through yet another series of endurance patterns.
He was getting close to finding the essence of ‘waargh’.
It was convenient to have a never ending supply of ‘volunteers’ to test his theories upon.
A little Bloodbowl along the way was purely an indulgence in a past passion.
Picking a team from those that survived the experiments was the key challenge, a cohesive team was another issue all together, but the patients seemed to enjoy the distraction of a good game as much as the staff.
It even seemed to take the subjects mind off the skin pigmentation alteration that had occurred as a result of stage 2 of the experimenting.
It was interesting that only the survivors experienced a shift to purple skin tones and none of them remained green.
It helped his cause too as none of the survivors had attempted escape from the facility. It would be hard to hide amongst your peers when you looked like a pansy.

He looked over his team roster and realised some potential amongst them:
Kripp’l, Krematorium and the twins Krusha’ and Krunch were solid Black Orcs.
Krash, Kruiz, Krisis and Krypton all had the makings of fine Blitzers.
Kracka’ and Krutch, basic Linesman but showed good potential.
Krazee…what would you expect from an Orc that wanted to throw the ball away.

The naming convention had been his idea. This was his facility after all and for some reason K-Block had the most resilient patients. They kind of suited them too. Krematorium was one massive angry mother, Krypton was hypo and Kruiz was the coolest cucumber in the fridge.
The players even seemed to identify with their ‘given’ names rather than their inmate number. He hadn’t expected that but welcomed it all the same.
They were just as keen to stay out of the testing cells as he was to win a few games.

(More fiction to follow as the PPE are retired and Inquisitor Bishop prepares his team for the neighbourhood league but basic summary is: the 'Quis is a radical who is running tests on Orks to discover the source of 'waargh' and in the interim is pulling potential candidates from the surviving ranks of volunteers for his own personal BB team...)

OK...we have a team name, player roster and player names, cleaned mini's (I HATE PLASTIC) but what the hell are we going to paint them?
Purple skin in honour of the originating theme was in (special mention to Ben/waargh for tips on 'how to'...I only hope I will do it justice). Kesara had also seen a couple of the test models I'd splashed as well and announced she liked some colours more than others.
Mention to Luke/Tyra-nid for his tips on using washes for coloured skin.
Pics will come as the team comes together.
Don't hold your breath.
I'm not know as a fast painter.

The scheme is:
Skin tones - purple.
Armour - silver (maybe aged a little...unsure)
Material - prison issue orange
Bases - worn bitumen (grey, homogeneous, pitch markings etc)
all sounds good.

might even dig around and find some thin chain for broken leg irons.
and as a prison team they have more reasons to have numbers printed on them biggrin.gif
Nice Bishop.

Been watching the Longest Yard with Adam Sandler? biggrin.gif


Nice work Bishop.

Longest yard? What a let down. The original Mean Machine was so much better! wink.gif
and both were remakes of the Burt Original biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Bloodbrotherdave @ Mar 25 2009, 10:34 PM) *

and both were remakes of the Burt Original biggrin.gif

I was referring to the Burt Original, not the ######ty Vinnie Jones soccer jobby.. wink.gif
Welsh Rarebit
I think the Burt Original was called "The Mean Machine" in the UK, i think it was called "The Longest Yard" everywhere else though i may be mistaken.
yep Ry has it.

still like the Vinnie Jones one though biggrin.gif
I had a go at painting purple skin. I suked.
I had a go at some other colours too and they were equally as bad.
Back we go to white undercoat and we start again.
Of the tested shades Blue, Purple and Red had shown the most promise.
Time to try the new Citadel washes.
I blocked out the metallics in black so the skin could pretty much be washed and I'd be left with secondary shade's and metallics for a finished model.
I borrowed some washes from a mate (thanks Roy) and splashed a little purple on the first model.
So we are back on deck with purple skin then. (fluff amended)
Painting progresses.

I've also only had 2x turns of BB previously before getting in to it so a pre-league practice game was in order.

K-Block vs. Pointy Eared Elven
Both starter teams of 1mil using league rules and LRB5+2008.
Great to get in a full game.
I got lucky with some high rolls and the Elf's had some shocking rolls.
Finished up with a 2-1 win and half the elf's in the casualty ward.

Need to finish off the painting and then get in to some out-of-school action in the WSWABBL.

*Note: Chaps I hadn't even thought about the parallel to the Longest Yard movies (of all varieties) but now that you've pointed it out I can see it. Not my intention but no issue for me either way. The names though are sounding more and more rap gangster to me. Funny. Perhaps I should be washing their skin with badab(sp) black and calling them a posse. wink.gif
Nice Bish, glad you enjoyed your game of BB wink.gif

Pics of your progress too smile.gif

So the painting went well...but now I really dislike the good old plastic Orc miniatures. Roy correctly pointed out that they are probably some of the oldest plastic GW models around and while they certainly do the job...they are 'plain' and repetitive.
Note the clean base edging to identify the models for my opponent eg. Green = Blocker, White = Thrower, Black = Lineman, Red = Blitzer
Also the aged asphalt 'BB pitch' bases are cracked and growing grass. Really happy with how these turned out.
IPB Image

IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

Plans are now to scratch build an Orc team.
It's certainly be done before and mine probably won't be terribly original but I don't really care. At elast each model will be individual.
I'll attempt to keep some of the character of the original models with little things here and there eg. helmets on the BoB's will have horns plus they will be in chain and plate mail, Blitzers will have 1x gloved/armoured hand and less armour than the BoB's, Throwers will have no helmet and the least armour, Linesmen will be slightly smaller in scale than the Blitzers/BoBs etc.
Not planning on doing any GS work if I cna avoid it. Lazy I know. But WTF.

I'll keep to pretty much the same colour scheme as the original K-Block team because it works but I may individualise/position identify a little differently.

Will I have them ready by WAACYbowl? Unlikely but we'll see how I go.

It starts
IPB Image
I like the paint scheme Bish. Nicely done.

Looking cool!

I have to say, the WHFB black orcs look great in BB smile.gif.
Time moves along...
First Black Orc Blocker (BoB)
I wanted him to have a true Line of Scrimmage blocking/attacking stance so he's low to the ground, braced with one fist just on the ground, head up facing forwards etc.
He'll be posed over the base so his back right leg is on the back on the base and left fist on the front of the base. His left leg will be right off the back of the base.
No GS was utilised/harmed during the making of this model...although creating thumbs and carving out the inside of hands from gray plastic where it used to hold a weapon is an interesting past time.

IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

The other three BoB's are cleaned for assembly I just wanted to start on one of the more 'action' based poses.
Welsh Rarebit
Now THAT is a Blood Bowl model. Awesome mate.
Nice work Mark.
They are going to look great.
Thanks for your comments folks. It keeps you motivated.
I've been home for the last couple of days looking after an ill young family which has given me a little extra time to finish this lads so here are the rest of the BoB's.
BoB2 - the surrogate leader and tactician of the 4x BoB's
IPB Image IPB Image

BoB3 - doing his best impression of a gorilla beat down
IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

BoB4 - about to lay on the ultimate Mike Tyson Knock Out overhand right.
IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

The BoBs - rugby photo
IPB Image

Now moving on to the Blitzers...stay tuned folks.
Welsh Rarebit

Great work Mark, love it. biggrin.gif
BRILLIANT biggrin.gif

They look fantastic Mark biggrin.gif
Cron Lord
Loving the work there Mark. Looking forward to the next batch.
Not bad.
Only a couple of months between posts. biggrin.gif
RL, organising a 40k event, participating in a BB event etc tends to mean little time for modelling however I've finally managed to finish the Blitzers.
Like the BoB's I've kept some of the theme of the original BB Orc plastic models ie. they have open faced helmets, one armoured hand, one shoulder with tiered armour plates, less armour than a BoB etc.
Apologies for the quality of the pics. Not enough light and too lazy to re-shoot so they are a bit pants. Like the other pics you cna click on the thumb for a larger image.
Blitzer1 - some uppercut combo punch action going on
IPB Image

Blitzer2 - a bit of roundhouse action
IPB Image

Blitzer3 - oh he's angry! Very angry! Note: his helmet will be on his base
IPB Image

Blitzer4 - straight punching
IPB Image

The Blitzers - line up
IPB Image

Also here is a surprise appearance of the first of the throwers.
Still some tidy up to do on the cuts and joins but it's a serious action pose and I'm really happy with the progress so far.
Thrower1 - yes Orcs can throw!
IPB Image IPB Image

A couple of linesmen and basing and I have a playable team then I'll finish off the 2nd thrower and a few extra linesmen, starplayer, apothecary, score keeper, Asst Coaches, Cheerleaders then I'll consider a scratch troll and a couple of scratch gobbos.
Not far now and no idea at what stage to start the painting process. blink.gif
Looking really nice Mark. Hope you can get them together in time for Massivebowl.
Thanks Scott.
That is the plan mate.
If they do they probably won't be painted so I'm tempted to bring the painted team too.
Lets see how we go.
Love that thrower! Very dynamic...
Get Aaron to help you paint them the night before. I've heard he's great with quick paint jobs for meticulously converted figures. (In seriousness, there's no paint requirement, I'll be running the +1 Fame thing deez ran, so feel free to have the grey team)
Aaron would be the first person I ask for assistance the next time I want to do shaded spru-grey. It takes a featherlight touch (or so I'm told) to get that natural daylight highlight.

Lets see if I can get them finished, identifiyable and on bases then Scott.

QUOTE(Chaplain_Fortis @ Jul 22 2009, 07:37 PM) *

Get Aaron to help you paint them the night before. I've heard he's great with quick paint jobs for meticulously converted figures. (In seriousness, there's no paint requirement, I'll be running the +1 Fame thing deez ran, so feel free to have the grey team)

Needs MOAR progress tongue.gif
Yeah! MOAR progress. You paint even slower than ME!! laugh.gif
Go here poll to vote for which model best represents a Troll for this team. Modifications allowed.

Your help is required please.
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