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We have an excellent range of games available at Little Wars this year. I'll be posting details on most of them here over the next few weeks.

If any of these games interest you, please register your interest (contact details below), come along on the day, do some shopping/drink a frosty DAB/eat some bratwurst and play a game (or five!).

Full details of the Little Wars Melbourne experience are available at the website:

...and onto the games!
The Tale of Toadpole Hall

IPB Image

Time to play: 3 hours

Period/Theme: 17th century horror

Scale: 28mm skirmish

Rules: Heroquest (the Milton Bradley boardgame - adapted to work on a tabletop rather than a gridded board)

Brief description:

England, 1645: You are the leading citizens of the quiet parish of Biddersham. Your homes are threatened by a band of Parliamentarian deserters who, it is said, will pillage and burn every settlement they come to! Luckily a local nobleman has been requisitioning able-bodied men from the town (in order to build up a militia for the town's defence) for some time now. However, none of these men have been heard from again since they were taken to Toadpole Hall. You bravely agree to travel through the marshes to the old house in order to find out what is going on...

IPB Image

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C’est la guerre!
French Indochina War 1946 - 1954

IPB Image

It’s late 1952 and General Giap has launched attacks against French garrisons in the Nghia Lo District, Yen Bai Province, Northeastern Vietnam.

A reinforced regiment of Viet Minh 312 Division has surrounded and is attacking the main bunker and defensive perimeter manned by a company of Algerian regulars, part of the larger Corps Expéditionnaire Français en Extrême-Orient, CEFE.

It is a race against time to rescue the beleagured Algerians before the garrison is overrun by three Viet Minh battalions, one of which is a veteran unit.

To the rescue are 2e BEP 2eme Battalion Étranger de Parachutistes (2nd Foreign Legion Parachute Battalion). This unit will conduct an air assault directly into the hostile areas. They have an almost impossible mission. Good thing they are the best of the best.

Via road, a hastily organised relief column consisting of elements from Group Mobile 1 will try to reach the garrison. The road has been destroyed part way and the 7e RTA Régiment de Tirailleurs Algériens (7th Battalion Algerian Infantry Regiment), will attempt to reach the garrison on foot to rescue their countrymen. The battalion also includes some support units of a BMI (Bataillon de Marche Indochinois - Indochinese March Battalion).

It is a race against time and the battleground is about to get crowded and bloody.

“Je me réveille toujours dans une sueur froide………..I still wake up in a cold sweat…….”

Game Master: David Tan

Number of Payers needed: Up to 5 (Each commanding a battalion)

Playing Time: 2.5 hours

Session: Morning or Afternoon

Rules: Cold War Commander

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In the future, there is only lots n lots of dice!

Both Sessions; 10 players

IPB Image

Players can bring 500-2000pts of models. Preferably vehicle, superheavy, flyers or monsterous/gigantic creatures. This will speed up games and the scenario has a reason why most infantry has been left off the field. However, if all you have are infantry, then bring them along. Drop in players can field a super heavy (or similar)that will be available.

Scenario: The planet Panacea lies at the point of a warp storm eddy. Hundreds of ships trapped in the warp storm have been spat out to its relative safety. However, the warp storm is playing havoc with Panacea's star, drawing out vast solar flares that are lashing the planet with plasma. Any force that has made it to the surface of Panacea, may soon be scorched away!

This is not the first time Panacea has suffered this fate. An archaeological team have discovered evidence of an ancient civilization that was wiped into extinction by the last warp storm. There last refuge was a subterranian tunnel system.

As the only refuge of its type on the planet, all forces are trying to control the tunnels for their own survival. Forces of similar sensibilities have banded together for mutual survival. Imperial and allied forces are currently defending the tunnel entrance from chaotic forces. Most foot troops have either taken refuge or been killed in the plasma storms, leaving only the toughest, bravest or best protected troops and vehicles to defend their bastion. If they can hold out long enough the opposition will be scorched off the planets surface!

IPB Image

Time to play: variable (depends on how long you survive)

Number of players: 6 maximum at any given time

Scale: 'big' 28mm scale models

Rules: Apocalypse 40K

Could you change the Warmachine demo games to "Morning" instead of "Either"? I'm hoping to spend the afternoon over in the OzPainters area, so will only be running demo games in the first half of the day.
No probs, Ben. The ozpainters will be in the dining room area this year - hopefully some better lighting etc. and a bit more room for them and their display. Is that guy you were painting with at Mind Games gonna be there? He had some amazing painted Reaper mini's - he should try and enter the ozpainters comp.

You going with WM Mk1 or 2 rules? Spose it doesn't really matter if it's an entry-level demo game... See you there on the day!

Anyways, some more details about games etc. Sharing the dining room with the Ozpainters crew is John Shaw's Lord of the Rings epic battle.

A Lord of the Rings Spectacular

IPB Image

The ruined city of Osgiliath has long stood as a bastion against the incursions of the dark forces of Mordor. With the great Anduin river creating a defensive barrier, the men of Gondor have stood valiantly against the ever increasing tide of Orcs and foul beasts. But Sauron has ordered his dark minions to secretly build a massive flotilla of landing barges to breach the defenses. He needs control of the city to use the mighty bridge, so that the bulk of his army with its great trundling siege towers can besiege the magnificant city of Minas Tirith.

D-Day for Middle Earth is approaching. Become an Orc attacker or a Gondor defender and see if you can you recreate history in Tolkien's world.

Breaching Osgiliath will use an interesting combination of the recently released War of the Ring rules (for large scale battles in Middle Earth) as well as the very popular Lord of the Rings skirmish rules. See how these rules work together to create an epic worthy of your gaming time.

Sessions: A morning and afternoon session are available for you to guide the destiny of Middle Earth, but you are also welcome to join in even for just 10 minutes to learn about these fantastic rules. Or just come along and barrack for your favourite side.
Players: Up to 8 players (4 per side) can be accomodated. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Rules: War of the Ring (GW), Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (GW)
Figures: 25mm. All figures, rulers and dice will be supplied.

As ever, if you'd like to 'book' a spot for a game on the day, GO HERE
Wow - that's some impressive terrain.

I'll be using MkI rules (so we can use the colour cards) - I'll have MkII rules with me in case anyone wants to try them out, though.
QUOTE(morsla @ May 4 2009, 08:08 PM) *

Wow - that's some impressive terrain.

It is even more impressive "live and up-close'n-personal". If you want more check out Osgiliath.
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