Outpost 6030 presents...

SKULLS Warhammer Fantasy Battles

- To be held on the Sunday the 27th and Monday the 28th of September (Queens Birthday long weekend) in Perth, Western Australia

- 6 games over 2 days

- 2250 point armies

- Standard rulebook missions; no 'curve balls' to mess up your plans (aside from your opponents army, that is!).

- The "Tier based" system will be used by the Judges to mark composition.

- Prizes for Overall, Generalship, Sportsmanship, Painting, and the Unlucky Monkey (Unluckiest Player)!

- Entry is $30 for Outpost Members, $35 for other club members and $40 for non-club members.

- Tickets are available at GW Perth, GW Morley, GW Fremantle and at Both Outpost 6030 Branches in Manning and Mirrabooka.

Okay folks, so everything has been finalised, and SKULLS is officially on! As I said, tickets will be available within a few weeks. However in order for you guys to figure out the new composition system, I'm making the players packs available here.

So for now, if you have any questions then feel free to post them here.