Hey all

Just got home and cracked a beer - might have to have a chat to his friends shortly. smile.gif

I wanted to thank those who attended, your support will help to get the next one organised and up and running. I hope you had a good weekend and 5 challenging games! You certainly made my life easy, not that many rules queries and no "heated" discussions. Just get your games finished on time eh? tongue.gif Even though its fun playing games, its just as fun getting involved with all of the games, watching the high's and low's... only thing is that its bloody hard work not to comment at all!!! Quite often I had to walk away before I said something...

Thoughts of my own about the actual running of the tournie: Urm... I *think* it all went fairly smoothly. Having excel set up before hand made it pretty easy to do the draws, was just a bit of a bugger working out what tables people were playing on so that you didnt get the same one twice. If there were more players and hence tables it would have been easier. Definitely helped having the spare table. Draws were a bugger towards the end as people grouped together had played those around them on the ladder...I think I got it all pretty much right though. Again, the small number of players didnt help there.

Chalk on the tables helped, but I will remember for next time to put the trees on bases so you woodie types can shift them around easier. Especially you Conor - with your tree surfing Ancient. Did you all find the terrain ok?

Comp I think was pretty successful. Clearer guidelines next time will ensure no complaints, and I will try not to forget the "No Special Characters" line.... Woops. By the time I had received the lists, it was too late to change it.

To give you an idea of how it worked.... Rounds 3-4-5, there were only 4 games out of 15 that had a margin greater than 14-6. 15.25-4.74, 16-4, 18-2 and 15.75-4.25. Pretty close games all in all. It also meant that the people who had soft comp, didnt get such a jump at the end.... I think that this system would work better with a larger player base, but hard to say without actually experiencing it.

Anyways, enough blabble... Results are:

Player Name: Over All, Battle Points, Appearance, Sports. Beauty Pageant (not added to total - player marked).

Squiddy: 111.5, 62.5, 24, 25. 10.
Boris: 103.25, 61.25, 22, 20. 5.
Reese: 103, 60, 22, 21. 4.
Paul: 102.5, 57, 22.5, 23.
Dave: 99, 56, 23, 20.
Conor: 96.25, 48.25, 25, 23. 11.
Cat: 90.5, 45.5, 23, 22. 9.
Animal: 74.25, 26.25 23, 25. 19.
Andy U: 74.25, 54.25, 2, 18.
PJ: 55, 29, 6, 20.

Prizes were awarded to those players who got top of each of the prize categories, in the order of Overall, Battle Points, Best Sport, Players Choice. However if a player received more than 1 prize, they would take the greater prize and be out of contention for the others. This was put in place to share the love around a little.

Overall: Squiddy! Congrats mate.
Battle Points: Boris (Squiddy claimed overall) The top 4 were separated by 5 points...
Best Sports: Damien (Squiddy claimed overall - therefore won on count back, but already had a prize so congrats Damo).
Players Choice: Conor (Damien claimed best sports - but also romped it in for painting - Conor had 2nd highest points and also claimed full appearance score).

Bad Luck award: Awarded to PJ. Mate, with the rolls you had over the entire weekend...never touch any one else's dice, ever. To have 7 miscasts in one game, and your fire dragon to miscast, then die 4 times over the weekend and to then have your dragon Whimper on a few occasions due to the death of said mage... Terrible. Could explain your lack of battle points. However you should also keep your squishy, ancient, wise beyond belief, no armour mage in a unit.... hot tip. tongue.gif Bags not playing you next because you are WELL overdue to dish out a serious :: :: kicking.

Right, the beer is well and truly finished. I must go get another. Hope you had fun. Any comments etc etc - post here or PM me if you feel it needs it.

Cheers all


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