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Terracon was quite a big shindig this year and a lot went on behind the scenes. It would be impossible to run the show without the generous support, both in time and money, of the following people and organisations. I thanked people at the event, now, in the broader community, I'd like to recognise your contributions again.

Our Sponsors:

Realm of Legends, generous prize support, the prize packs remain an absolute winner and great to see the stand there, Thankyou Maria and Ross for being our primary sponsor

GW, allowing us to buy discount vouchers for prizes was appreciated

BookPod, Mike is a legend, he did several runs of the Veteran certificates and designed from scratch the best army certificates. All printed up and delivered. he then threw in vouchers for BookPod for prizes

LittleSoldiers, a last minute inclusion, they were eager to support the raffle and donated the incursion game and blisters. $242 raised for world vision.

Naracoorte-Lucindale Council, we continue to use the hall and the council recognise us as a non-profit community event. Without the hall, we would not be able to host Terracon.

Naracoorte United Soccer Club, allowing us use of the soccer club rooms. Trusting us not to nuke the place. 80+ gamers camping down in swags was squishy.

On a personal level, the following thankyous are extended.

Scott for once again buying tables, painting them, lugging them backwards and forwards in his ute, storing the terrain and tables, sourcing trestles from he Ag and Hort Society, hiring trestles from the local hire place and returning them, providing wood for the campfire and inside the soccer club, lugging his bbq down for saturday night. On the Monday he was still helping clean up the soccer club.

Big Red for bringing his quality terrain 500km again, for spending hours looking at each army and judging the painting, easily the worst job of the event and for stepping up, when the light of the computer was fading, to help with the data entry and be an absolute freakin' rock of common sense.

Speedy, came across as gumby and ended up being the data entry monkey. When the software stuffed up, speedy saw what was needed and brute forced our way through draws 3, 4 and 5 with little more than a 30 second demonstration on how to do it. Collated all the theme and paint scores and tallied the sports and player choice votes and the first I knew of it, it had been done. Seamless.

Eric, manager of the Legion (Naracoorte) Wargaming club, it is due to his enthusiasm and effort that the club is functioning again and increasing in numbers. His help with the composition scoring as 7th judge was both accurate and a significant workload. He took the day off on friday and his ute was pressed into service helping lug 60 table tops and 40+ boxes of terrain and trestles.

Thomas, my son, who was data entry for round one but then needed to step into the breach as gumby for 4 games. He made the effort to finish each game quickly so he could race back and help speedy with data entry. You may see him as Sicarius on the forums.

Vicki and Nigel. I realise how lucky I am having 2 supportive and interested Council employees watching out for me and doing everything to make Terracon run smoothly. Sly Vicki also plugged us on ABC radio biggrin.gif They give us more freedom in that hall than many other events.

Matt O'S for the PwnAvic banner (how apochryphal was that eh ?) and the terracon banner. These things add to the event and I'm appreciative of the effort that people go to, without being asked, to make it sing.

Darryl up at Stewarts Trophies. massive effort getting the stuff done and delivered. Objective markers are the schizz. Under pressure, re-etched a glass trophy that had broken and got it to me with days to spare. Great customer support.

The panel judges. From far and wide, each bringing their experience and common sense to the very difficult problem of rating armies. Their consistency, fairness and integrity is absolute. Thankyou.

Ty, Chris and Bryan, who said they would cook and did so. Just a fantastic and much appreciated effort. That they added a skill factor to the job was pure win. They bought the vegies and extra supplies out of their own pocket and the best part, they had fun doing all that freakin' hard work.

Jonas, Hagrid, Thomas and Henry (son #2) who cleaned up the soccer club on Monday.

The players who brought terrain. Approximately 20 tables iirc. From Melbourne, from Adelaide and from Mt Gambier. Thanks. Quality stuff and without terrain the games are naff.

The players who helped set up and pack up. The players who helped when they saw something needed doing, either reminding me that score sheets were needed, or for walking around and placing the missions and score sheets on the tables. I could count on anyone. Thankyou.

The Mayor. w1n. In your face Arcanacon !

ABC radio and WIN News.

The players who came and participated, in the spirit of the event, played hard games, played fairly and played with respect. I enjoyed your company, I enjoyed sitting around and watching the lulz. I enjoyed the soccer match, I enjoyed that special lovin' from swoop,

Thankyou all. You make my heart sing and I love yous.


Luv u 2 Stu !

I love you to. smile.gif
I think you're OK
Lives Irae
I haven't loved you for years and it gets harder to pretend every day and whenever I see you I just wanna tell you that it's over but then I think of the kids and I force a smile and tell you I love you. We both know I'm lying but we don't want to confront the truth.
QUOTE(Dies Irae @ Jun 17 2010, 11:52 PM) *

I haven't loved you for years and it gets harder to pretend every day and whenever I see you I just wanna tell you that it's over but then I think of the kids and I force a smile and tell you I love you. We both know I'm lying but we don't want to confront the truth.

Unlikely to be attractive kids really.............
Speed Adict
I had a ball Stu, you can pencil me in as the Monkey next year aswell if you like armata_PDT_34.gif

No thanks necessary stu, +1 to the love

QUOTE(Speed Adict @ Jun 18 2010, 06:44 AM) *

I had a ball Stu, you can pencil me in as the Monkey next year aswell if you like armata_PDT_34.gif

vote 1 'Speedy the Pencil Monkey' as Terracon Mascot

IPB Image
I think of the kids

Was it like Arnie in Junior?

IPB Image

+1 for the lovez armata_PDT_12.gif
Nice work with the event Stu, it went swimmingly biggrin.gif
Thanks for making sure I didn't manage to kill myself Sunday morning. It just clarified why I like to travel soi far ... to be with some of my closest friends in the world!

A special thank you to Speedy for taking the ambo ride with me and hanging in the hospital as long as I wanted you to stay- I was quite delirious but having a familiar face telling me it'd be okay definitely helped big time. Just knowing someone had my back when I was down was very comforting. I *really* appreciated it Speedy, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Than ks to Stu for running these shindigs as well as 3 enjoyable opponents. Gamingwise my highlight was definitely in round 2 vs. Cam Hickey's guard as not only did I manage a win but in a game which could have gone either way the dice fell my way as I was surprised to see how easily 35 veterans are killed.

Hmmm, just thinking on this, I did my part for South Australia. I played vs. 2 Sth Aussies (Tom and Liam) and lost to them, while the only Vic I faced - Cam - I managed to beat! I'm trying to help the cause.... wink.gif

I just feel cheated out of the last 2 rounds, I wonder who's cool armies I would have got to face off?
Speed Adict
The mascot pic has to many eyes tongue.gif Replace the left eye with a "X" and you're getting closer ahhaha

Alex, no worries man armata_PDT_34.gif
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